Commodore’s Cup Regatta and ATRAM Philippine Sailing Championship

The final event in the 2016 / 17 Sailing Championship has completed in Subic Bay.

The Championship consisted of 5 events with the best 4 to count.
1. November Puerto Galera All Souls Regatta
2. January Punta Fuego Yacht Club Regatta
3. February Standard Insurance Subic to Boracay Race and Boracay Cup
4. March PHINSAF Nasugbu to Busuanga Race
5. April Subic Sailing Commodore’s Cup Regatta

Points are awarded for each event entered, for class results and for race wins. First Place Trophies are awarded to class winners and to the overall Champion.

The Commodore’s Cup produced some very exciting racing with between 10 and 17 knots every day, with many changes in the overall Championship results. The Regatta finished on Sunday but the overall results of the ATRAM Championship will not change, so the awards were presented on Saturday night.

A total of 54 boats took part in Championship events.
IRC Racing Class 7 participating boats
Racer Cruiser Class 16 participating boats
Ocean Multihull Class 13 participating boats
Cruising Class 18 participating boats

In IRC Racing Class Martin Tanco’s Centennial 2 stormed up the standings to overtake the earlier class leader, Ray Ordovesa’s Karakoa, who was not able to enter the Regatta.

In Ocean Multihull Class the points result saw a draw between Vincent Ruais, Myg 2 and Garry Kingshott’s Kerida. In countback based on the number of events entered the overall Class prize was awarded to Kerida.

Racer Cruiser Class saw Selma Star of Jun Avecilla overtake Bella Uno of Michiel Brinkers in the standings during the Commodore’s Cup relegating them to second place.

The Cruising Class was dominated by the eventual overall Championship Winner David Wheeler and his Cape Carib 33 Freewheeler. David has been a consistent class winner in addition to attending more of the Championship events than any other competitor.

The Championship results overall:

Position Class Overall
Overall Position Points

1 Freewheeler David Wheeler Cruising 1 35
2 Centennial 2 Martin Tanco IRC Racing 1 23
3 Selmar Star Jun Avecilla Racer Cruiser 1 22
4 Bella Uno Michiel Brinkers Racer Cruiser 2 21
5 Karakoa Ray Ordovesa IRC Racing 2 20
6 S.I Centennial 3 Judes Echauz IRC Racing 3 18
7 Black Baza A. Root / S Manning IRC Racing 4 16
8= Aragon Gundolf Ahrens Cruising 2 15
8= Hanafe Victor Santos Racer Cruiser 3 15
10 = Kerida Garry Kingshott Ocean Multuhull 1 13
10= Myg 2 Vincent Ruais Ocean Multihull 2 13
10= Papaya Rennie Ticson Cruising 3 13
Overall points and results attached below.

ATRAM Sailing Championship 2016 17

APSC 17 Top 3 in classes